For Centuries

by Portrait of the Assassin

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released May 9, 2011

© 2011. All music written and performed by Portrait of the Assassin. POTA is Jeremy Cummings - Vocals, James Kelley - Lead Guitar, Brian Green - Rhythm Guitar, Roger Beam - Bass, Brian Rich - Drums.

Guitars and Bass recorded by Brian Green.
Drums, Vocals, Acoustic guitar, and one bass part recorded by Matt Speck.
Editing, Mixing, and Mastering by Matt Speck.



all rights reserved


Portrait of the Assassin Boise, Idaho

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Track Name: Upon Re-Entry
Sending your waveforms, through space and time.
Patience as we all rise, from slumber.
Manifesting thoughts, inside our minds.
Flowing upon this plain.
From a distance you capture, your essence.
Becoming what you've always dreamed.
This reality, tearing apart from the middle, of Everything.
Linking your pattern to earth.
Touching the chasm of notion.
Inside this meditation, we're just beginning
To conquer these fears.
Run with it, don't let it take you.
Don't let it become obsession.
Run to a cosmic sanctum.
We will arrive with nothing to hide.
No regret.
This is progress.
These are strides.
And we'll find another way, for humanity to flourish.
Walking towards the brilliant, glow of a vibrant soul.
Knowing the whole time, this is kismet.
What will you make of this?
Lessons will simply assimilate.
Living as a part of, this immortal body.
I probably should return to my planet.
I'll probably be sober soon.
Track Name: Self Becomes Self
Torn as I watch, my life as a whole.
Leading a path that's rebroadcast.
Crumbling are my hopes.
Yearning for a vane, prosthetic side.
My thoughts shift without order.
My thoughts direct to what's real.
Looking back, I see signs of finding out what matters most.
But all that time, I was too concerned with building status.
When making life decisions, don't throw it away.
When making decisions.
And I know why.
What it means to be truly alive.
And I'm feeling that it's done,As my life had just begun.
All I'm hearing beyond is beautiful laughter.
Right Now, there is no before and no after.
Track Name: Ben Cortman
I'm seeing we need to completely rethink this plan.
OH NO! Are you listening?
We must leave now for our lives depend on it.
Forget them, we must move on!
Enough with their progress.
Tear down the doors or be bled bone dry.
Know if we can defeat them,
We will see survival this night.
Run for your lives, they're breaking through walls!
Time is now!
Would you run or defeat them?
Thrown out into the…
Tossed out unto them…
Tear down the doors or be bled bone dry.
Know if we can defeat them, we will see survival this night.
Thrown out into the abyss of night!
So sorry god will not save us now,
We all must die!
Track Name: Man Behind the Curtain
Goddamn, I'm human.
My life has value.
World looks good!
From the view in your corner office!
Confessions for your actions would be
The least that you could do.
Be honest.
You've always known that this would happen.
Now we're surrounded,
Questioned by the infallible.
“We'll decide what this life should be.”
They'll decide when
To give you the strength
Or take away your rights.
They'll be “for the people.”
Standing on the wrong side,
Our ideas will make them.
And our blood will stain their hands.
The knowledge has been passed down.
Initiate the sequence.
And they will make sure, damn sure!
That this whole thing will go off, without a hitch.
While the seasons continue changing.
It's up to us, to make the change.
You lose reputation, destroyed by your own ways.
With no hesitation, we're sacrificed for your escape.
Now as these days seem numbered, they will try.
Making a move to lock restraints on tight.
Their final showing.
Their change, it has to come in the form of a war.
Track Name: Carcass Harvest
Step One, start by finding a place.
Where your animal will not spoil.
First you cut it, then you gut it.
Now with a sharpened blade,
begin carving off the tissue.
This is my kill.
This will be my meal.
We plan on grilling,
a steak from this.
Let's Eat!
Let's Feast!
Let us Eat This Beast!
Track Name: Planned Obsolescence
Open your eyes!
Outsourcing lives
While they're striving only for profit.
This wasteful mode will soon end.
Will you
Consume the greed that they sell you?
Or will your eyes see straight through their veil?
The motive for distraction.
This will make me
Just like the crowd.
Buy in cycles.
It defines you.
Showing me my inner self in a magazine.
Planting visions of a day I will never see.
But I dream.
My heart and mind
Can will a goal to be.
The reason that these ads are constantly
Bombarding me.
We'll buy it over and over again.
Planned obsolescence.
Buy in cycles.
It defines you.
"Our latest product."
"Purchase now while the prices are hot."
Can we count you in?
Draining what is real in us.
Repeating the past
Is not our fate.
But it's the path we choose to walk.
Open your eyes.
Track Name: Tenor of Life
We are Sacred beings.
We will redesign.
As one,
We'll redesign.
But keep divided all this dissolves.
Right here
We have to take a look at ourselves.
And the ways we live.
If we are to sustain life
And have something worth
Wrapping our arms around.
In all forms there will be
More than enough to live and breathe.
We're fading without this.
Without a common vision
Shared by everyone.
And our times of trial have only
Just Begun.
How can we live in a world
Without peace?
We've done it for centuries.
We'll do it for centuries.
The human being is an adaptive creature.
Is there nothing that we can do
But watch it all burn down?
Forming a unity.
Or burn it to the ground.
Can we take control?
We're burning this world to the ground.
Can we come together?
Imagine this world!
We know that this time
We'll do what's right.
We'll rise up.
End this fight.
We know that this time
There won't be a second chance.
This time will not be.
Track Name: Of Holy Blood
Show them
I won't believe their teachings.
The thoughts that bring nations down.
I cannot see how you just all
Follow something so blindly.
So, you want to talk about your heaven.
That's totally fine.
You have to
Understand I would like to talk about my heaven as well.
It's in the life your living.
It's in experiences.
An elevated vibration
Can only lead to it.
Judging your fellow man
Will not lead to your promised land.
And now I know.
You should not fall for it.
No, I will not wait behind
While others are oppressed.
No one is free.
They've got the answers.
To take everyone and they will burn.
Track Name: Have a Wonderful Evening
You appear to be satisfied.
But choking on what you cannot hide.
Leaving one eye blind
To try and justify this.
But we've got our eyes wide open.
Waiting for your next move.
Trust us.
We are relentless.
We have got the advantage.
Billions of voices banding together
As a part of the same ideal.
Speaking as one voice.
Forging a bright new future.
You won't stop momentum.
Gaining the
Discernment to exit or fight.
We will triumph.
And you will attempt to stall
What is taking place.
When you discover.
We won't stay distracted for long.
We won't need your policy forcing us.
We're moving on.
Shouting at the top of our lungs
To be heard.
Know this is our time.
To waste this is not an option.
Knowing that this is our turn.
Need to be pushing ahead.
Instead of moving backwards.
An outmoded set of
Customary rules.
In proper fashion we won't comply.
Right here,
Right now,
There is no other place
That I'd want to be. (Thank you Jesus Jones)
There is no other setting.
Now trade the world you know
For one of equilibrium.
Trade this condition.
It's been fun.
I truly hope your sleeping comfortable.